Dew points and pilots

Dew point is the temperature at which condensation starts at a constant pressure. (Make sure you include “at a constant pressure” when answering your exam question on dew point). Dew point is found on METARs immediately after the ambient temperature. Pilots should always be looking at temperature/dew point spreads. Knowing the temperature and dew pointContinue reading “Dew points and pilots”

Dubious, devious, deluding highs

Pilots learn to watch out for ominous low pressure systems and troughs and generally welcome highs and ridges. Highs and ridges induce pleasantness, sunny outlooks, fair weather, harmony, a sense of well-being. “Feel high in a high and low in a low.” (Just made that up). But high pressure systems can be massive in area,Continue reading “Dubious, devious, deluding highs”

Have you hugged your weatherman?

We are taught to be skeptical of the weatherman. After all, you received 10 inches of snow instead of the 8 inches they promised. They predicted cloud bases to be 3,000 feet, but they started at 2,500 feet. Maybe unlimited visibility was assured, but haze reduced visibility to six miles. How could they be soContinue reading “Have you hugged your weatherman?”

Pilot Weather Wisdom book

While sitting home under the siege of COVID-19, it was time to finish book#5, PILOT WEATHER WISDOM. By posting excerpts of the book for feedback, I hope to enhance things from your suggestions and experiences. Do you know your scales? Nope, not talking about music. Weather is categorized based on scales. Some refer to itContinue reading “Pilot Weather Wisdom book”

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